Norvegians Cats from Eden's Tower

Our Story

It is in a green setting in the heart of Yvelines near the Forest of Rambouillet that “NORVEGIENS OF THE EDEN TOWER” were born in 2009, first with our ELEA and EDEN, of this union are our first babies in March 2010, simply for the pleasure of seeing the little ones at home to the delight of children.But sometimes fate changes the trajectories, that’s exactly what happened, love and the joy that I gave these little balls of hair, gave birth in me a passion.

This great race “THE NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT” also called SKOGKATT was like a revelation of tenderness, love and sweetness! This is a we we have a trip of the trip, no claw exit, never aggression, just the happiness.

Since we realized our true peace for them and for us, just “EDEN”. So we simply offer you, if the heart tells you come share our passion and come to visit Norwegian cats.

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