Les chatons Norvégiens de la tour d'Eden

Welcome to the page “OUR NORVEGIAN KITTENS” but especially in the world of softness because if the Norwegian adults are balls of tenderness I let you imagine the babies, of course there are still no miracles, where the importance of the work of the breeder for 3 months. Two things are the most important for me during these 3 months of evolution: Health, and socialization

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All our kittens leave the house at the age of 12 weeks (Option does not mean sold, do not hesitate to contact us)


Vaccinated (Typhus, Leucosis, Coryza) – Dewormed Chip identification Veterinary certificate of good health Copy of parents’ pedigree Identification card Pedigree of the kitten receiving the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) an acknowledgment of the request of Pedigree will be provided to you pending the final Pedigree. Advice booklet – kitten kit, toysTEST FEL / FIV – GSD4 – HCM – DNA – PKD – PKDEF All our pet kittens leave sterilized.

For an application for a breeding kitten, an affix (or an affix application in progress) will be requested.

N ° of capacity: 78 354

Buy a Norwegian kittens

It does not matter where you buy your future Norwegian kitten, but do not hesitate to go on the spot to exchange with the breeder, to see the parents (in the case where the marriage was made internal to the cattery) if not mom.
The price of a Norwegian kitten is variable and the breeder is free to apply the price he wants but be careful ask yourself the right questions about the difference in price and compare:

Are breeders genetically tested?

(FIV / FELV – GSD4 – PKD – PKDEF – HCM) which changes the price obviously.

Will my kitten be declared to LOOF?

(Which certifies that the kitten is a purebred cat), because a kitten without pedigree is a kitten type and not breed.

Will my kitten be sterilized for his departure?

(Which in fact is a cost of between 60 and 120 euros in the price of the baby.)

CAUTION There is no exceptional color in the NORWEGIAN FORESTRY CAT, the color must not vary the price, only a price difference can be applied between a kitten planned for the company and a kitten intended for reproduction.


I put a point of honor on the character of my babies, I devote 100% of my time to my cats, so automatically the day of departure in his new family the kitten will find his marks immediately in his new home. of my babies during 3 months, but my mission and the love that I carry to my little ones does not stop the day of departure, I would always answer present your interrogations, your worries or simply to give me news to which I wish particularly.


People who already have babies in my home know it well. Feel free to browse the “BOOK OF EDEN” to get an idea of ​​the character of babies already pampered in their family.


There you have, you only have ‘to browse the pictures of my little balls of hair and hope you find who knows, maybe your happiness come cold.If that was not the case do not hesitate to contact me, I can always advise you and help you find your happiness in friendly chatteries that will have the same love for their little ones.