Visit of Eden's Tower

It is in the heart of a generous vegetation that we have arranged and secured outdoor spaces so that our protégés feel totally at home. Our cats live therefore in semi freedom between the house and the outside. A nursery space of 50 m2 has been created with a small yard of 35 m2 in the house so that our mothers and babies live in peace, in a haven of peace. Two spaces for our girls were created in free access of 70 M2 and the other of 20 M2 with all the external comfort that they can have. For our boys spaces of approximately 50 m2 each were made with the greatest care, arranged small isolated cottages, tiled, and heated for the winter. Our priority remains, of course, the well-being of our small Norwegian family.

Boys outdoor area

Girls outdoor area

The Nursery


Here is the nursery before the babies ready to welcome our future children