Our ethic



Our mission already begins with the choice of marriages in character, beauty or health, because no being is perfect. This is where the work of the breeder begins with the choice of lines, both technically and health or character are very important, because even if I have an important role in the evolution, socialization and socialization of the kitten , genetics has an important role that should not be overlooked in the choice of marriages.

Managing to combine all this is not easy to achieve the best of the standard of the Norwegian forest cat and its criteria such as: an equilateral triangle, a straight chin and pretty almond eyes and then the little touch of the lynx tips (like the last brushstroke) on the board.

The happy event confirmed, there a great adventure begins for mum and me, keeping an eye on weight gain, a rich and well-vitamined diet, regular ultrasound and X-ray checks a few days before giving birth. A serene environment for Mom who also decides to designate me as her midwife and this sharing will be done for 5 months (Gestation and evolution of these little ones). A role that I take to heart, a real exchange, a real happiness, exchanges of looks that say a lot, this bond that will take its power over the months and years. A total osmosis between us.

Birth is an important phase but very distressing for mum and for me because no it is not enough to put a male and a female and go to the checkout (far from it), sometimes everything is perfect but often it can quickly turn to the drama with caesareans where everything is lost and in this case the only priority is mom. Not everyone is made to have babies and well, it’s exactly the same with small felines.

After having carefully selected the future families and answered the various questions for the preparation of the arrival of the little one, he will nevertheless remain one of my babies and therefore at any time whether it is at 3 months or 10 years old. , I will answer your anxieties and questions. I think I have summarized my conception of breeding. All the difference is there « Seller or Breeder ».

All our kittens leave the house at 12 weeks under the following conditions:

Vaccinated & Dewormed

Pedigree LOOF

Official Book of Feline Origins




by electronic chip

Certified healthy

By the attending veterinarian of La Tour d’Eden


Welcome to the page « OUR NORVEGIANS KITTENS » but especially in the world of sweetness because if Norwegian adults are balls of tenderness I let you imagine babies, of course there are still no miracles, hence the importance of the breeder’s work for 3 months.

Two things are most important to me during these 3 months of evolution: Health, and socialization.

No matter where you will buy your future Norwegian kitten, but do not hesitate to go there to discuss with the breeder, see the parents (in the case where the marriage was made internal to the cattery) otherwise, if necessary, the mom.

The price of a Norwegian kitten is variable and the breeder is free to apply the price he wants, but be careful, ask yourself the right questions about the price difference and compare:

Are the breeders genetically tested (FIV/FELV – GSD4 – PKD – PKDEF – HCM)
Which obviously changes the price.
Will the kitten have its primary vaccination and the booster?
Will my kitten be declared to LOOF?
(Which certifies that the kitten is indeed a purebred cat), because a kitten without a pedigree is a type kitten and not a purebred one.
Will my kitten be sterilized for her departure?
Which indeed is a cost of approximately from €70 for a male and from €150 for a female (which indeed has an impact on the price).
ATTENTION there is no exceptional color in the NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT, the color should not vary the price (except possibly on a white kitten) because deafness tests are to be carried out (which is an additional cost of ‘approximately between 100 and 150 €) , otherwise only the price difference is applied between a pet kitten or for breeding.

I make a point of honor on the character of my babies, I devote about 100% of my time to my cats, so automatically the day of departure in its new family the kitten will find its marks very quickly or instantly depending on the environment.

I take care of my babies for 3 months, but my mission and the love I have for my little ones does not stop on the day of departure, I will always answer your questions, your concerns, in exchange I will ask you just from time to time to give me news or send me a little photo. People who already have babies in my house know this well.

Do not hesitate to browse the « BOOK OF EDEN » which will give you an insight into the love that quickly gives a little Norwegian loved and pampered since birth.

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