Norwegian cats from La Tour d'Eden


It is in a green setting in the heart of the Yvelines near the Rambouillet State Forest that « THE NORWEGIANS OF THE TOWER OF EDEN » were born in 2009, first of all with the arrival of our ELEA and EDEN, this union were born our first babies in March 2010, simply for the pleasure of seeing the birth of little ones in our home to the delight of children.But sometimes fate changes trajectories, that’s exactly what happened, the love and joy that these little hairballs gave me, gave birth to a passion in me.

This great breed that is « THE CAT OF THE NORWEGIAN FORESTS » also called SKOGKATT was like a revelation of tenderness, love and sweetness!How could a cat displaying this quiet strength have so much delicacy towards us, never an exit claw, never aggressiveness, just happiness.


Over time and for all these years, the selection has been more and more demanding for the respect of the breed, my cats and future families, both in terms of health, socialization and socialization (all this with the chance to keep all my former who became grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts but especially those who made the TOWER OF EDEN what it is today.Before being « breeders » they are above all my cats with the respect of each one and whom we will take care of all their lives with us.

This also makes it possible to select marriages (pedigrees, health, character, and technically give the best for the conservation and respect of the breed). All this to bring a pretty Norwegian kitten well typed, balanced and fulfilled for the delight of families.

Sometimes I have the impression of doing the article but NO because it is the reality, you will see that by choosing a little Norwegian you will understand that it is no longer possible to live without. I’ll let you go to the « BOOK OF EDEN » to see how addicted you become to it.

I chose to put the essentials on this site, that is to say: The presentation, my conception of the breeding (both for my young and the old through the maternity as well as the choice of a kitten and breeding, then the follow-up of baby in his family).

By choice I did not put my retirees but if you pass the portal of « THE TOWER OF EDEN » it is with pleasure that I would introduce you to my tribe who arrived or were born here. I am lucky to have the space for everyone to find their peace and serenity so it is with us that they will end their days.

I also decided to delete the « EXHIBITIONS » page simply that it is no longer my priority after 13 years of breeding. 11 years of exhibition with a last one in the Netherlands, but after winning many international awards such as ROME, BUCHAREST, ATHENS, LISBONE, MALMOE…. I decided to devote my time totally to my cats and improve their environment again and again and then to my family who followed and supported me during all these years.

My time, which will no longer be reserved for exhibitions (or little) will be reserved to deepen my knowledge of the feline and my cats in particular with conferences and trainings to still bring the best answers to my cats and my families.

During all these years we have realized a haven of peace, simply « EDEN ». It is therefore with pleasure that I would share with you this area reserved for the Norwegian Forest Cat.