Hotel ***** for cats


Hôtel ***** for cats

Welcoming a Norwegian kitten is also thinking about everything including holidays.

Solicited by our customers and friends of Norwegians, the idea has only matured in recent years, we wanted to set up a different concept by creating over the months and years a wellness center for cats with a limited number of places for more spaces and comfort.

Since the summer of 2021, the “Hotel for cats” service has been created in a lush environment offering spaces ranging from 20 to 60 m2, individual or collective to welcome at best, but above all to adapt to the needs of the cat with all the comfort necessary to spend a serene holiday.

We have chosen to limit the number of places to be able to provide a real privileged place for everyone.

For the summer period, shaded enclosures with pools, umbrellas, lawn, terrace, cat trees, fun courses, toys etc …


The day of departure of your little Norwegian has arrived but a lot of distance, whether in the provinces or abroad or simply to accompany or pick up your protégé during his vacation stay?

Indeed, leaving on vacation is often very stressful for both the owners and the cat, the latter feels the excitement of the preparations, we can then take care of picking it up and bringing it back to you, which will allow you to prepare and leave in complete zenitude, whether for the whole family or your protege.


A grooming service is also offered for holidaymakers, to find your Norwegian dressed up on your return.

For all these services, do not hesitate to contact us to best prepare your next vacation.


Do you have questions about his behavior?

Later, a « Feline Behaviorist » service will be offered after the current training. Of course, I can already advise you and answer your various questions about light behavior change.