Visit of Eden's Tower

It is in the heart of generous vegetation that secure outdoor spaces have been integrated while respecting the natural needs of the Norwegian Cat. About 1000 M2 have been reserved so that they can evolve in complete safety within our domain with perches, grass, shaded terraces for sunny days, heated for winter with direct access to the house for some. Everything has been thought out, analyzed and over the years improved for even more comfort. A nursery area totally dedicated to mothers and babies with a small interior courtyard fitted out for spring/summer with games allowing them to flourish. Of course I remind you this has no impact on their future in the apartment because there are only spring/summer babies who benefit from it and so little since they only come out at the age of 8 to 9 weeks, really very little! In return, this brings a big plus for their development and health.

The cat "SPECIALLY RAISE FOR LIVING IN APARTMENTS" does not exist, do not be seduced by speeches that are too MARKETING. Rather ask these "breeders" for all genetic tests including HCM, it is much more important.

Just go once again to consult the "BOOK OF EDEN" to see that a good part of the owners are in apartments and that the adaptation is done instantly.

Boys outdoor area

Girls outdoor area

The Nursery


Here is the nursery before the babies ready to welcome our future children